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Products & Accesories

General notes and all information you need to apply our electrolytes correctly.

Pretreatment comprises all steps to be carried out prior to the actual electroplating proc...

All the products you need for electroforming.

All the products for a perfect finish of your workpieces: anti-tarnish, coloring baths, st...
Electrolytes for a selective surface treatment with our Rhodinette fibre electrode plating...

Here you can find our gold electrolytes for decorative surface finish

As gold based electrolytes work with insoluble anodes, the precious metal content must be ...

Here you can find our silver electrolytes for decorative surface finish.

Here you can find our platinum group metal electrolytes for decorative surface finish

Here you can find several non-precious metal baths for different applications in electropl...

All products for the surface treatment of titanium and titanium alloys.

Different kinds of anodes for the WILAPLAT electroplating system. Special anodes and dimen...

To round off our product range, we are offering you a variety of accessories.

For small correction and repair works our chemically working baths offer you an appropriat...

Fibre Tip Masking Pen, red
Masking Paint, red
Anti-tarnish Optima
Anthrapal pure palladium plating bath
Argopol silver polishing bath
Auropol CF 90
Blancadur Ti
Black rhodium bath
Special Electrolytic Degreasing Bath
ZFM Electrolytic Degreasing Bath
Nickel stripper
Galvatron platinum bath
Bright Gjold Plating Baths 750
Quator Bright Gold Plating Bath
Bright Silver Bath
Gold preplating bath AC 3 SSF,
Nickel preplating bath
Hard bright gold plating bath
High performance bright copper bath
High performance bright silver bath
High performance bright nickel bath WN1
Copper bath, cyanide bearing
Neropal black gold bath
RH 1 Nickel Bath
Novapal Pd-Ni plating bath
Pantasol gold plating bath
Pantasol silver plating bath
Paris oxide
Puro S
Rhodinette hot degreaser
Rhodinette blue rhodium bath
Rhodinette gold baths
Rhodinette nickel bath
Rhodinette rhodium baths
Rhodinette silver bath
Rhodinette 2 - Operating Instructions
Ruthenium bath
Savor Colour Gilding Baths
Smelting powder I
Smelting powder III
Black rhodium bath
Super Strip 100
Titanium pickling solution
Titanium tinting electrolyte
Silver Pre-Plating
Wilacid S
Wilazid caustic salt