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Waste management

High-tech detoxification processes do not only provide a high level of environmental friendliness, but also economic incentives.

In addition to the recovery of precious metals Wieland Edelmetalle is also in the position to recycle and eliminate a variety of waste requiring special supervision.

Our certified quality and environmental management system provides a guarantee for proper disposal. The certification as a waste management company provides the customer with legal certainty and exculpates the client from the statutory duty of care for waste producers and owners.


The following production residues can be treated:

Besides the harmless waste treatment we also offer the transportation as well as the legal handling of with a privileged procedure.

Delivery of waste disposal only on request.

Gold bath, gold stripper

Rinse bath of gold

Silver bath, silver stripper

Rinse bath of silver

Rhodium bath

Rinse bath of rhodium

Palladium bath

Rinse bath of palladium

Platinum bath

Rinse bath of platinum

Copper bath cyanide

liquid acid waste e.g. pickle

alkaline waste, etching solutions

Ni baths

Cyanide wastes containing heavy metals without chrome

Cyanide wastes without heavy metals