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Growth through innovation

All good things start with an idea.

It needs ingenuity to transform these ideas into products which enhance our customers’ success. That´s why in our company work qualified materials scientists, chemists, physicists, mineralogists and biologists hand-in-hand with engineers and technicians.

Together with the available technical possibilities and resources this creates a combination, that leaves no wishes open. More than 10% of our staff is involved in research and development.

Our power of innovation is reflected in numerous publications, patents and patents applications.

Specialists in precious materials

One of our core competences at WIELAND Edelmetalle is the production of precious metal alloys for applications in the medical technology, electronics and electrical engineering as well as mechanical engineering and jewellery manufacturing. For that purpose we are equipped with modern melting and forming machines.

One particular highlight is our continuous vacuum casting plant for carbon-free casting of high-purity platinum and palladium alloys under vacuum or in a protective argon atmosphere. In addition we have more continuous casting machines, with which we are able to cast continuously quantities from a few to several hundred kilograms.

For chipless cold forming of alloys we have specific roll stands in different sizes available.

For the stock-removing transformation of our alloys we have modern CNC-controlled lathes and milling machines.

This equipment, combined with years of experience and know-how, enables us to produce and deliver special alloys with specific compositions and shapes in appropriate quantities.

A perfect finish

WIELAND Edelmetalle also supplies precious metals in liquid form as electrolytes for electroplating.

One of our most successful products is the AGC® electroforming system for making dental prostheses from pure gold and ceramics. In this technology, which nowadays can be find in every modern dental laboratory, we are the world´s market leader.




Decorative and functional electroplating

Moreover we are successful in the field of decorative and functional electroplating. We work closely together with our customers to find solutions to their problems by developing customized electroforming and electroplating processes.

To ensure the best possible results we also supply the necessary equipment, accessories and chemicals. Used electrolytes and solvents are disposed of using our environmentally safe recycling and reprocessing techniques.

Precious metal recovery

Due to the high prices of precious metals it is profitable to collect even the smallest amount of precious metal waste for recycling purposes. WIELAND Edelmetalle is one of the few specialists who are able to recover all common metals from various wastes since more than 140 years.

It would require 3,000 kg of natural ore to be mined and processed to produce the same amount of precious metal as can be recovered from just one kilogram of secondary raw materials. Recycling therefore also helps to protect the environment.

WIELAND uses modern reprocessing technologies to recycle almost all residues containing precious metals material and returns the precious metals as fine metals, alloys or precious metal compounds to the customers. Alternatively precious metals can be purchased at the current prices.

Continuous improvement

There is no time to stand still. The future lies in innovation.

In a global economy a company can only survive if its products, techniques and services are constantly updated and able to compete with the best in the field. WIELAND Edelmetalle has successfully taken up the challenge of this constant competition for future markets. Continuous improvement and ongoing development in close consultation with our clients lead to products with innovative features.

The development of customised solutions for precious metal semi-finished products, precious metal electroforming and precious metal recycling are our main focus.

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