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Environment and security policy

Traditionally Wieland Edelmetalle (as gold and silver refinery) is obligated to protect the environment in a particular way. The environmentally friendly recycling of precious metalliferous waste was even the basis for the foundation of the company in 1871.

And still it is our goal, through integrated sustainable development and through our constant effort,  to improve the safety and performance of our products, processes and services and to offer these services consistent with our environment and thus reduce environmental pollution. The minimization of environmental risks is supported by other preventive measures to protect soil, air and water.

Environmental and safety orientation of Wieland Edelmetalle

The main task of our management is the compliance of all legal, regulatory and trade association demands, specifications and requirements for environmental protection, plant safety and occupational health, if they are relevant to the business of Wieland Edelmetalle. The aim is to minimize the environmental impact caused by the company and existing security risks.

The environmental and safety management system is based on the standards and regulations:

 - Environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001

 - 12 Federal Pollution Control Regulation (Regulation for incident)

 - Waste management facility in accordance with §52 of the Recycling and Waste Management Act (KrW-/AbfG)

 - Occupational Safety Act

 - Prohibition of Chemicals Regulation, REACH, CLP-regulation

The management provides the necessary human and material resources to maintain, develop and improve the environmental and safety management. Executives and employees of Wieland Edelmetalle are required to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the environmental and safety management system to comply with and implement them together in their daily working process. Environmental and safety-conscious behavior is part of our corporate culture.

Professional competence, qualified and motivated employees

The professional competence as well as qualification and motivation of employees are preconditions for environmentally and safe production.

Control of work processes and interfaces

Of particular importance in ensuring the quality and delivery reliability is the establishment of business and production processes. Therefore, processes, workflows and interfaces within the enterprise and between the companies and their customers, suppliers and service providers are adequately covered by the management systems.


Measurement, analysis, evaluation and improvement

The continuous improvement of our environmental and safety management is an enterprise-wide goal. The environmental and safety policy provides the framework for departmental-, process- and product-related environmental and safety goals.

The pursuit of the legislation as well as the measurement, regular analysis and evaluation of environmental impacts, safety risks and accidents are prerequisites for continuous improvement of operational processes and the organization of interfaces.

The effectiveness and timeliness of our environmental and safety management system is documented and monitored by audits, inspections as well as measurements.

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